Reinforced Concrete Construction Materials
Slick-Power Concrete Pump Primer
· Purpose and characteristics
- Mortar replacement method used for the lubrication of the Ready mixed concrete Boom Pump piping
- 250g packaging that allows for ease of use and pumping
- Eco-friendly product that does not affect concrete quality and does not produce wastes
- Reduces pipeline abrasion by decreasing friction and pressure of the pumping pipelines
· Standard usage
- Slick-Power powder (250g) + 20 Liter Horse Water Bucket of water (20ℓ)
- Required Slick-Power solution (for 5 inch pipeline Boom Pump)
  > Boom Pump Boom length below 45m :
    20 Liter Horse Water Bucket of Slick-Power solution (20ℓ)
  > Boom Pump Boom length above 45m:
    Two 20 Liter Horse Water Buckets of Slick-Power solution (2 * 20ℓ)
- The usage of Slick-Power solution may vary according to Boom Pump type, ready mixed concrete type , temperature and worker skill.
· How to use
· Product packaging
- 250g / Vinyl pack
- 50packs / Pail Bucket
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