Reinforced Concrete Construction Materials
Chemi-Stone Concrete Specimen Capping agent
For construction utilizing reinforced concrete, it is necessary to measure the early-age compressive strength of concrete to determine when forms and shores can be safely stripped.
However, cement paste, which is generally considered to be the concrete specimen capping agent of choice, does not have enough early strength development to be used as a concrete specimen capping agent for measuring early strength.
Chemi-Stone has enough early strength development to be used as a concrete specimen capping agent for testing early-age compressive strength of concrete.
· Properties

- Obtains a strength over 100㎏f/㎠ within 2 hours.
- High self-leveling capacity makes for easy and convenient capping. Texturing does not occur at the surface, preventing eccentricity during compressive strength tests.

· How to use

- Apply gypsum uniformly to water(Do not add water into gypsum).
Then let the gypsum impregnate water by leaving it be for 1 to 2 minutes after applying.
- In this case, the amount of water should be about 25 to 30% of the gypsum, however it should be determined by a pre-review since it may vary according to working conditions.
- Agitation by wooden pole or agitation should be uniformly applied after adding water. In this case, the speed of agitation or shape of agitator should be observed carefully to ensure that the foam escapes with ease.
- If the agitation is not applied uniformly, the porosity of gypsum specimen may end up erratic, resulting in various absorption speeds within the gypsum specimen. The landing thickness and shrinkage rate may also end up erratic, creating deformations or cracking during drying.
- A capping method identical to the capping of cement paste may be applied afterwards.

· Storage

- Store gypsum in dry environment, and use the oldest in storage first.
- If calcined gypsum is stored in a wet environment, hardened lumps may occur, decreasing setting time. Deposition of lumps may also be shown and create spots on the body of hardening’s surface and make its texture rough.
- Furthermore, if gypsum is kept in storage for a long period, it will absorb the moisture in the air and create the results identical to the above.

· Product packaging

- 1㎏ / Vinyl pack
- 20 Packages / Pail bucket

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