Reinforced Concrete Construction Materials
WRP-100 Concrete Water repellent
Water repellent WRP-100, is a high durability material that will impregnate itself into the surface layer of concrete to block harmful substances such as chloride ion, carbon dioxide, water from external sources, prevent salt damage/neutralization/frost damage, apply waterproofing to water repellent bridge decks and inhibit alkali aggregate reaction for concrete structures in marine environments and environments exposed to snow removal agents.
· Purpose
- For concrete structures in marine environments and environments exposed to snow removal agents :
 > Prevents salt damage/neutralization/frost damage
 > Applies waterproofing to water repellent bridge decks
 > Inhibits alkali aggregate reaction

- Gutter and barrier of roads under snow removal
- Outdoor parking lot floors and rooftop press concrete exposed to snow removal agents
- Concrete that may be subject to deterioration by other salt damage and freezing and thawing
· Performance manifestation mechanism
· Characteristics of WRP-100
- High deep impregnation depth into concrete surface, providing excellent penetration resistance against snow removal agents and air pollutants.
- Blocks harmful substances from external sources while passing water vapor within concrete, allowing the concrete to breathe.
- Its colorless transparency prevents discoloration and stains from occurring on the concrete surface and maintains natural surface conditions after construction.
- Classified into oil-based and water-based products, selectable according to site conditions.
· Construction effects of WRP-100

High permeability
High and uniform permeation into concrete surface maximized the penetration prevention
performance against harmful substances such as chloride ion, carbon dioxide, water.

High durability
Nano scale functional particles provide internal thin film coating effect that improves
water tightness and water repellency. (Penetrates the construction surface and applies thin film
coating to pores and capillary tube walls, maintaining the pore structure of the pre-application
to increase the contact angle with water and provide water repellency)

Chemical resistance
Grants air-permeability within concrete and prevents efflorescence, neutralization and salt

Ease of construction
Construction and repair is available regardless of coated material’s pore size.

· Construction method

Surface treatment
- Concrete must be cured enough.
(For 28 days when temperature is at 20℃)
- Construction surface must dried to have a water content ratio below 5%, must be free of foreign substances such as oil, corrosion, moss, curing agent that impedes the penetration of water repellent.
- Air pockets in the construction concrete surface should be repaired with repair materials.
- If alkali leaching occurs at the construction surface and creates efflorescence, apply surface treatment by alkali surface treating agents and water then apply at absolute dry condition.
- Surface treatment with physical methods such as sand blasting may improve penetration.
Construction method
① Surface treatment : Foreign substances on the construction surface such as oil, corrosion, moss, curing agent should be removed by electric grinder, and air pockets should be repaired with repair materials.
② Surface cleaning : Foreign substances remaining on the construction surface after surface treatment should be cleaned by compressed air.
③ Product preparation : Product should be used as an undiluted solution, and stirred and agitated well before use.
④ Apply uniformly by spraying, roller brush, etc"/default When spraying use a low pressure spray for application.
⑤ Standard usage is 0.4~0.5ℓ/㎡.
⑥ Surfaces with high absorption should be fully coated by repeating construction or increasing usage. Each application interval should 1 hour minimum before secondary application to allow adequate permeation.
⑦ Completely air-dry after application. (Recommends 25℃, over 20 hours. May vary according to temperature and humidity)
⑧ Work should be avoided at temperatures below 5℃ since forming uniform coatings become difficult.
· Caution
- Oil-based WRP-100 is flammable product that should be stored in cool, dry environment away from sources of ignition. Smoking must be forbidden during use, store product in completely airtight container when not in use.
- Wear protective equipment such as masks, protective goggles, rubber gloves during use. Wear respiratory protection when using in closed environment.
- Water-based WRP-100 is a product in emulsion form, to be kept in storage at 5~40℃.
· Product packaging
- 18ℓ / Pail bucket         - 180ℓ / Drum         - 1.0ton / IBC Tank
· Performance Test
Fig.1 Chloride penetration resistance after application to concrete surface
Fig.2 Water drop bleeding after application to concrete surface
Fig.3 Water repellent penetration test result
· Application performance

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