Reinforced Concrete Construction Materials
R-LMC Ready mixed concrete LMC
· What is LMC(latex Modified Concrete)?
Mixing a fixed quantity of latex, created by uniformly dispersing Styrene-butadiene polymer into water, creates Latex Modified Concrete with improved concrete performance.
· LMC(latex Modified Concrete) Mechanism
· What is R-LMC?

A construction method that obtains quality stability of concrete by manufacturing LMC at a KS certified ready-mixed concrete manufacturing plant, and obtains economic efficiency by improving LMC manufacturing and construction speed.

a) Co-matrix formation process b) Film membrane formation process
· R-LMC manufacturing technology

Latex manufacturing technology employing complex surfactant

Complex surfactant manufacturing technology for ready-mixed concrete production

- Obtains complex surfactant manufacturing technology suitable for ready-mixed concrete plant manufacturing by developing ionic and nonionic water-dispersible Urethane surfactant
- R-LMC that employs complex surfactants maintains a slump value over 150mm after 90 minutes, and meets concrete properties(air content 3∼6%, Slump value over 150㎜ when placed, 28-day compressive strength over ㎪ )
- Able to produce R-LMC by using ready-mixed concrete plant manufacturing facilities instead of mobile mixer car


· Physical characteristics of R-LMC
1. Compressive Strength
2. Bending Strength
3. Bond Strength
4. Chloride ion penetration resistance
5. Freeze-thaw resistance
6. Delamination resistance
· R-LMC Construction process & method
· R-LMC Application range

· R-LMC Application

- Pressed concrete repair work at Samsung electronics hwaseong plant H1 parking lot

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