Flooring Materials
PU-Crete Eco-friendly polyurethane based flooring material
PU-CRETE is a next-generation, polyurethane industrial flooring material, consisting of there components : base, hardener and powder. PU-CRETE has strong adhesion and elasticity unique to urethane. It is mixed with inorganic materials and has excellent strength, abrasion resistance and chemical stability. PU-CRETE is also and innovative flooring material with excellent durability to impact, corrosion and friction.
· Characteristics
- Excellent durability against acid, alkali, salt, solvent, etc.
- Excellent workability and economical efficiency
- Odorless, solvent-free eco-friendly product with no volatile organic solvents, considering the safety of workers.
- Synergy effect of modified urethane resin and reaction powder develops double strength of ordinary concrete.
- Adjustable color surface (Gloss or matte)
- Easy handling and beautiful surface due to excellent self-leveling effect
- No peeling caused by strong impact. No breaking or crumble, due to good adhesion

· Use
- Clean floors of food factories subjected to HACCP or others
- Places requiring smoothness and silence such as ground/underground parking lots, etc.
- Pulp, paper, chemical equipment factories floor requiring chemical stability and durability to impact
- Floors with many pedestrian such as large stores, department stores, etc.
· Physical·chemical characteristics
Classification Low/middle layer Top layer
Mix (Main:Hardener:Powder) 1 : 1 : 5.5 1 : 1 : 3.5
Construct temperature Minimum. +5℃ / max. +30℃ Minimum. +5℃ / max. +30℃
Pot life 20~25min 20~25min
Walk-able time More than 12HR(approx) (20℃, 6㎜) More than 12HR(approx) (20℃, 6㎜)
Curing time More than 48HR (Approx.) (20℃) More than 48HR (Approx.) (20℃)
Workable temperature Minimum. -40℃ / Max. +120℃ 100 : 35~50
Density 2.1㎏/ℓ 1.95㎏/ℓ
Softening temperature 130℃ 130℃
Tensile strength 5.0㎫ 7.0㎫
Bending strength 14.0㎫
Compressive strength 52.0㎫ 47.0㎫
Water tightness Impervious Impervious
· Color
- The standard color is grey, green, brown, yellow. Other colors can be produced by order.
- Classified as gloss or matte, depending on the surface texture.
· Construction method
Concrete surface
PU-CRETE must be constructed on clean and dry surface, surface cured for at least 28 days. (new built) For repair, existing coating and contaminants must be completely removed.
- The base, hardener and powder must be mixed at a predetermined weight ratio(Low/middle layer 1:1:5.5, Top layer 1:1:3.5) Mix the base and hardener first(20~40sec approx.), and mix all together while adding the powder slowly(2min approx.)
- Electric agitator is recommended, the suitable rotational speed is 300~400rpm.
- Product that exceed the pot life must be discarded. Use only the required amount to mix at each time.
Painting conditions
- The pot life is 20 to 25 minutes after mixing at 20℃. However, when the temperature is high, the pot life tends to be shortened
- The coating temperature should be 5~30℃, and the humidity of the construction surface should be less than 10%
- When drying after construction, the color of the coating film may change or curing defect may occur, if the base contacts or condense with water.
- Use caution in the winter season when temperature drops sharply after coating, which may cause cracks on the surface
- If the coating conditions are out of range of the above statements the coating operation is prohibited

Painting method
- Primer construction : Roller or spray
- PU-Crete main construction : Spike roller
- Construction is prohibited when the humidity is 85% or more and the temperature is 30℃ or more.

Scratch coat construction
- It is a system that does not use a primer
- Using a trowel, apply the mixed solution evenly to the work surface with a thickness of about 1mm.
- Cover the bumps and dips during construction
- After construction, cure at 25℃ for 24hours approx.

Body coat construction
- Pour the mixed PU-CRETE onto the construction surface and spread evenly to the required thickness using a trowel, saw-tooth squeeze, rubber rake and etc.
- After construction, immediately remove the entrained air using a spike roller and smooth the surface
- Spike roller work should be done within 10minutes after mixing, to ensure smoothness and marks

Drying time
- Tack-free : 12HR(20℃) ; Construct thickness 3㎜
- Complete hardening : 24HR(20℃) ; Construct thickness 3㎜
· Precautions
- Avoid working in places exposed to high temperature and direct sunlight. It may cause swelling affect.
- While in-door coating, ventilate the area sufficiently and wear protective equipment such as protective gloves and masks.
- The remaining paint must be sealed and stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
- Keep out of reach of children
- The product can not be guaranteed when the compounding ratio is changed. Any random fluctuations are prohibited.
- Construction is prohibited if the humidity is 85% or more and temperature is 30℃ or more
- The product must be stored in shady indoor conditions. The shelf life is valid for 12months
  (However the shelf life of powder product is 3 months)
· Notes on how to save products
- The product must be stored in a shaded room avoiding direct sunlight
- When the product is sealed and not frozen, the shelf life of ‘base’ and ‘hardener’ is 12months.
  And the ‘powder’ is 3months.
- During long-term storage, the base component may be precipitated.
  However, it does not affect the quality, it can be used after stirring with electric agitator.
· Standard usage
Total construct thickness (6㎜ construction) : 12㎏/㎡ approx.
 > Low/middle layer 4㎜ : 8㎏/㎡ Approx.
 > Top layer 24㎜ : 4㎏/㎡ Approx.
· Packaging
ITEM Low / middle layer Top layer
Base 6.0 ㎏/steel can
6.0 ㎏/steel can
Hardener 6.0 ㎏/steel can 6.0 ㎏/steel can
Power 12.5 ㎏/paper bag
× 2bags
21.0 ㎏/paper bag
× 1bag
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