Ground Reinforcement Method
RMG-U Urethane-based injection material
RMG-U is a silica resin-based urethane chemical solution that satisfies many factors such as high strength, workability, and stability among the injection materials used in the chemical solution process. RMG-U pursues a wide range of applicability to cope with all geological conditions.
RMG-U reacts with special silica system and special polyisocyanate compound(hydrophobic organic compound) and injects in 1.5 shot.
· Characteristics
- Excellent soil improvement effect
- Simple and lightweight injection material with easy installation and excellent performance
- Loss of chemical solution in ground is small.
- With fast strength development, it is possible to obtain the highest strength and solidification among the injection materials.
- It is solid even in the presence of water, and there is no dilution dispersion of the chemical liquid.
· Application range
- Prevention of peeling and widening
- Soft ground reinforcement
- Water blocking on shattered zone joint surface and surface of discontinuity
- Cavity filling
· Standard mixing ratio
Base (A)
Hardener (B)
(Unit : Ratio)
· Caution
- It is recommended to use immediately after opening
- Be careful not to get into mouth or eyes. Incase of contact, rinse with running water
- Wear protective equipment before use
· Packaging
- 20㎏ / CAN
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