Ground Reinforcement Method
Eco-Jet Eco-friendly high pressure soil improvement method
The Eco-jet method is an eco-friendly high pressure(200㎏/mc2~400㎏/mc2 ) ground improvement method for ground reinforcement and water blocking by spraying, stirring and mixing the eco-friendly cement and plasticizer from specially manufactured triple pipe nozzles to form a strengthened large section
· Method application range
- Reinforcement of Urban railways, ground & underground structures
- Prevention of settlement of soft ground roads and banks
- Prevention of differential settlement of structures
- Ground strengthening in slope activity predicted areas
- Internal and external reinforcement in open cut method and NATM method
- Internal and external reinforcement, curtain grouting of dams and banks
- Reinforcement of underground oil storage base
- Prevention of earth leakage of coastal landfill

· Standard mixing ratio

Eco-friendly cement milk

Plasticizer liquid
Mixing water
Mixing water
760 647 6 94
· Physical characteristics
When an external force is applied, temporary high fluidity occurs, and the reinforcement area is uniformly filled

Non shrinkage
No shrinkage after curing due to the expansion effect of ettringite formation

The segregation stability of materials in water is high due to the complex reaction of cement based residues and plasticization

· Chemical characteristics
Items Characteristics Remarks
The ECO-JET method prevents external leaching of substances harmful to the environment due to the coating and absorption effect of the polymer, after mixing with the cementitious material.
Less increase of pH, No elution of Cr+6
After the completion of construction, the internal components are also harmless to the environment because they are dissolved in water or not leached after curing
Anti-wash out
No material separation by groundwater during construction
· Anti-washout(plasticity) characteristics
Items Sample type
Elapsed time
+ 5min
+ 10min
+ 20min
+ 40min
+ 60min
Degree of contamination of turbidity Eco-Jet Injection material
- Good Good Good Good Good Good
Ordinary cement injection material
- Good Good Polluted
Shape collapsed, Turbidity high
Eco-Jet Injection material
Anti-washout : No contaminant release due to shape retention
Ordinary cement injection material
Dispersed and diluted in water : contamination
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