Ground Reinforcement Method
Eco-Jet R
ECO-JET R is a method that improved the performance compared to the existing ECO-JET method by using the ECO-JET and RMG(Inorganic-based filler) at the same time


· Characteristics
- Excellent initial and long-term strength
- Excellent plasticity
- No material shrinkage after curing due to the expansion effect due to the formation of ettringite
- The resistance of material separation in water is strong due to the complex reaction of cement type base material and RMG(Inorganic-based filler) at the same time
- No separation of materials by underground water during construction
- Environmentally harmless because it is dissolved in water and does not leach after contact with ground water
· Method application range
- Reinforcement of Urban railways, ground and
underground structures
- Prevention of settlement of soft ground roads and banks
- Prevention of differential settlement of structures
- Ground strengthening in slope activity predicted areas
- Internal and external reinforcement in open
cut method and NATM method
- Internal and external reinforcement, curtain grouting
of dams and banks
- Reinforcement of underground oil storage base
- Prevention of earth leakage of coastal landfill
· Standard mixing ration
A liquid B liquid C liquid
Eco-C(kg) Mixing water(ℓ)
Eco-L(kg) Mixing water(ℓ) RMG(kg) Mixing water(ℓ)
608 517.6 6 94 30 89.65
· Caution
- Store in a dry and cool place, sealed
- It is recommended to use immediately after opening
- Be careful not to get into mouth or eyes. Incase of contact, rinse with running water
- Wear protective equipment before use
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