Ground Reinforcement Method
Chemi-Soil Solidification material for surface layers
Chemi-soil enhance ground bearing capacity, when mixed and compacted with underground soil. Economical construction is available since using the in-situ soil. Chemi-soil is used for surface & deep solidification.
· Chemi-Soil Mechanism
Ettringite is a micrometer microcrystal. As it hardens, Chemi-soil fills voids between solid particles with these microcrystals. Long-term stable solidified matrix is formed with continuous hardening with pozzolan reaction.

· Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilizer
▶ Eco-friendly stabilizer Chemi-Soil The eco-friendly Chemi-soil is made of cement, pozzolan material, and others.
Stable ground can be formed in short term, at any kind of soft ground conditions,
due to the synergy effect of the solidification, between cement and additives.
Chemi-soil is a eco-friendly stabilizer with stable short and long term strength.   ▶ Features of Chemi-Soil - High initial & long-term strength
- Seawater and chemical resistant
- Applicable to all types of soil
- No heavy metal leaching
- Cost effective, by using in-situ soil and less excavation   ▶ Application of Chemi-Soil Chemi-soil has superior characteristics and workability, applicable to various
types of soils for foundation reinforcement and others.

- Solidification for high-moisture surface layers and deep soil
- Stabilization of soft ground
- Sanitary landfill leachate blocking
- Landscape pavement including farm roads and waterways
- Stabilization of marine soft soil
- Treatment of heavy metals for soil remediation
- Structure backfill  
· Chemi-Soil methods
▶ Classification by depth

Surface solidification

Deep soil solidification

Depth : 3m or less
Ground : Good soil condition
(including sandy soil)
consistent layer (depth)
Equipment : Excavator, mixer, roller
Depth : 3~40m
Ground : Soft soil (sandy soil, clay silt)
inconsistent layer (depth)
Equipment : Auger, special mixer
  Classification by method
High flowable filling
High strength compaction
Non-digging solidification

- Top & middle layer 5m
or less
- High fluidity : No tamping
, self- leveling
- Sortable soil
- Less noise & dust
- RMC / Pump car / Pipe
- Groundwater blocking

- Top & middle layer 5m
or less
- Quicker setting and higher
strength than high liquidity
- Less noise & dust
- Dry/semi-dry/wet application
- Groundwater blocking

- Top & middle layer 10m
or less
- Non-excavation proximity
- Non-sortable soil : highly
cohesive soil
- Less noise & dust
- Block, frontal and inclined
- Groundwater blocking
- Applicable on various kind
of dirt roads

· Application of Chemi-Soil

Building foundation
Building structure basis of factories,
apartments and others

Underground structure foundation
Foundation of underground structures
including underpass

Civil structure foundation
Civil engineering structure basis
such as Retaining wall, abutment

Culvert / pipe foundation
Basis of culvert and pipes

Structure backfill
Backfill between structure and retaining wall

Structure foundation (Replacing piles)
Structure foundation replacing piles
· lChemi-Soil application : surface solidification
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